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A global network of professionals honing the craft of policy communications

About us

Cast From Clay helps public policy experts shape conversations that strengthen democracy.

We work with NGOs, think tanks, and university research centres to better connect policy expertise to the audiences that matter – to craft policy ideas into human-shaped stories, and breathe life into them.

Why it's time to learn the craft

Research communications is a craft. Anyone can learn it with the right guidance.

We’ve designed our training so you can master this craft, and get the skills you need to shape the conversation on public policy.

Developed in dialogue with experienced policy communicators, the courses draw on our experience of helping experts get their ideas the impact they deserve. And where other communications courses stay general, this training is tailored specifically to the work you do. 

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We're accepting new learners for our May session of 'Communicate to persuade'. Choose your plan below.  Please note that all plans include VAT for UK learners.